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Buying sustainably


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By guest-blogger Kim Martin, a third generation farmer, and owner of a business that grows, processes and markets fresh Aussie produce.

As an Australian grower with a lifetime of experience in the industry, I know how important it is to preserve our natural environment. My farm is my livelihood and from my perspective, I also play an important role in feeding the country! The good news is that awareness is growing around the importance and benefits of sustainable living, which includes sustainable purchasing, and more Australians are exploring how to become more sustainable in their daily lives. Here are a few of my tips for buying sustainably:

Buying local is the key:
Buying local is important for a few reasons. Most importantly, when you buy Aussie produce, you’re supporting a local grower and sustainable food production. Buying local also has a positive impact on the environment because fewer food miles are travelled. But the best part about buying locally is that locally grown products are always going to be fresher. The quality of Australian-grown produce and the regulations that Australian growers and processors have to adhere means that Australian produce is grown with the customers’ wellbeing in mind. The easiest way to identify locally grown produce is to look for the green-and-gold Australian Grown logo.

Buying seasonally will support your efforts:
Buying seasonally grown produce is more sustainable, but it’ll also give you a better eating experience. For the best eating quality and the best value for the closest grown for your location, go for seasonally grown. That will always mean that it is Australian Grown.

Do your research:
A little bit of research can go a long way. It’s hard to believe, but not everything in the fresh produce section of our supermarkets is grown here in Australia. With the steady increase of imported produce on our shelves, it’s becoming more and more important to clearly label products as locally grown, which is why we’ve been using the Australian Grown logo since we started Frais Farms. I encourage you to look for this logo whenever you shop!

If you’re interested in taking your research one step further, take a look at grower supply chains to see where else you might be able to further reduce your food miles. For example, at Frais Farms, we grow, wash, dry and package our salad products all at the one location. Our philosophy is all about sustainability, and growing delicious, nutritious food that will benefit our customers, and our community through the jobs our business creates.

Frais Farms is based in the Mitchell River Valley, which is full of good quality, mineral-rich soil and water that Kim says lengthens the available growing season at Frais Farms, and extends the shelf life of the types of crops they produce.