Green words, by Emma

How to lead a greener lifestyle, with Emma Bowen, our previous editor.

Always learning...


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I was told a very interesting fact last night. Apparently, by staking your tomatoes in the vegie patch with metal poles and tying the plant to it with pantyhose it’ll charge the atmosphere with static electricity, resulting in more fruit. Much the way that an electrical storm is said to increase growth in the days that follow. Crazy huh!

That’s one of the things that’s so wonderful about gardening – there’s always more to learn. And though we have no doubt many of you have incredible thriving vegie patches already, whether they’re on your balcony or in your yard, we also bet you’re always learning more when it comes to doing things more efficiently, more sustainably, or simply to get you growing the best possible produce you can. And so in the interest of continuing our ongoing education, we called in the big guns this issue – the pros of Australian gardening (I’m sure, all of whom will still also admit to continually learning!), to give you a little leg up to increase your yield.

While your hands are covered in soil, be sure to drag a couple of plants indoors. I’m constantly working on increasing my indoor plant quota, to the point my partner set a ‘one plant’ rule for every trip to the nursery. Why are they so important? They’re amazing air purifiers, working hard to remove toxins, moulds and all sorts of other illness- and allergy-causing nasties from the air.

And while tapping away on all things healthy homes we also checked in with the pros in the building industry for their expert advice on a greener home. Whether you’re simply painting the bub’s room or planning a complete renovation, our crew of home experts will get you thinking on the right track. Enjoy!