Green words, by Emma

How to lead a greener lifestyle, with Emma Bowen, our previous editor.

G magazine to become Green Lifestyle!


Looking forward to this spring crop of broad beans in my backyard! Behind them is the tiny studio we’ve recently built from reused and salvaged materials, to live in. We’ve since rented the bedrooms in our house to a few very lovely folk, in our effort to live with less. Find this tip, and others, in our ‘Living with Less’ story in the Oct/Nov issue of Green Lifestyle, on sale 17 September.

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Spring has just sprung! As I write this I am two days past having spotted my first sign of a wattle in bloom, while only yesterday I got the first whiff of a flowering jasmine – bliss. Meanwhile, scores of seedling trays full of soon-to-be thriving edible plants fill my home and backyard, germinating slowly as they escape the last cold days of the winter season and soak up sun rays. It’s a time of year with so much anticipation and excitement.

Here in our office, throw into the mix the reinvention of our long-loved G magazine into this here delightful new creation that is Green Lifestyle magazine, along with the long-awaited results of our inaugural Green Lifestyle Awards 2012, and we’re positively bouncing off the walls!

The Green Lifestyle Awards have been a really great opportunity for us to plonk ourselves down with a bunch of great minds in the industry and pilfer through any greenwash to find the companies, people and products that are actually out there doing truly wonderful things to minimise impact on the environment, help make a green lifestyle easy, and show the carbon-emitting mainstream players how it should be done! We hope that our list of winners helps guide you in your efforts to make smarter decisions, and perhaps sees you discover a new business that you may not have known were quite so awesome!

Keep an eye out in newsagents or your letterbox, as there’s been some big changes to our beloved mag (formerly known as G). We’ve spent the last several months taking your advice from surveys, forums, letters and emails on board, and are working our busy behinds off to provide you with the magazine that you’ve asked for. This means while we’ve kept the stories, interviews and features you know and love so well, you’ll now also find an extra sprinkling of what you’ve been wanting; including more great home, garden and food features and recipes, more DIY and loads more helpful hints packed into our pages. It should help ensure that you get all the info you need to know to make living a green lifestyle super simple! We hope you enjoy the new look. Please do check back in and let us know what you think of it. You can reach Caitlin and I by emailing us at

Enjoy the fresh start to the sunny seasons!