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How to taunt Coke


‘The Cage’ is made from dumped cans found in landfill, and shows the damaging impact of cans and bottles to the environment.

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By SodaStream.

Beverage giant Coca-Cola have sent SodaStream South Africa a letter of demand over cans and bottles used in SodaStream’s ‘Cage’ project.

The South African team had gathered and displayed several thousand empty Coca-Cola cans and bottles (amongst many other brand names) that was collected from a South African garbage dump, as part of a cage installment exhibited at Johannesburg airport. The aim of ‘The Cage’ was to illustrate the damaging impact of cans and bottles to the environment and how by using just one of SodaStream’s bottles, an individual could prevent this damage.

Coca Cola argues that because of this, SodaStream have unlawfully used their trademark. However, SodaStream have responded saying that if Coca-Cola wishes to claim ownership of these dumped cans and bottles, then it should take responsibility for getting rid of them responsibly rather than just sending them to a landfill each year. Their mess, their responsibility. Wouldn’t you agree?

In the space of a year, about one billion cans and bottles go to landfills, parks, rivers, oceans and incinerators. Using concepts like ‘The Cage’, SodaStream are demonstrating that with today’s technology, it is unnecessary to keep on destructing our world. After all, the planet is our home, not a dumping ground.

SodaStream’s South Africa’s Managing Director, Francois Dippenaar, is determined to send a strong message with this campaign:

“We care for the environment and we will not compromise on our environmental strategy which is to rid the world of plastic bottles. We have no intention of being silenced on our position. The truth is that plastic bottles destroy our planet. 340 billion bottles around the world still end up in landfills every year. Because of this threat to the planet, we will continue telling the story.”

Get involved in the virtual 'Cage Challenge' on Facebook and post pictures of used bottles and cans from around the world: http://www.facebook.com/TheCageChallenge