Green words, by Emma

How to lead a greener lifestyle, with Emma Bowen, our previous editor.

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While it may be blamed for some social disconnects, the internet is coming into it’s own when it comes to connecting people in other ways, particularly in the name of collaborative consumption. While we have long shared skills, resources, tools, space and possessions, websites dedicated to sharing these things are now making it easier than ever.

The oldies such as eBay, Gumtree, and Freecycle have been around for many years, making it easy to offload unwanted items and buy or receive second hand goodies, yet new sites are cropping up left, right and centre to get us sharing across a broader spectrum.

Skills and tools can be shared on Sharehood, land can be shared on Landshare, share cars can be booked online with ease with companies such as GreenShareCar, while countless further sites can be found for sharing anything from baby clothes to meals, to your own home.

The advantage is that your network is spread much wider than available through word-of-mouth, and the importance of working together when it comes to curbing and restructuring consumption is enormous, and touted regularly as a world changing idea. For more info, jump to our story on collaborative consumption in the current June/July ’12 issue.

Meanwhile, this year G have launched our inaugural Green Awards, in order to recognise the very best businesses, services, products and people in Australia and New Zealand – and we’d like your nominations! Let us know about those you know who are making great efforts in the green arena and minimising their impact by heading to You’ll also find some great prizes up for grabs.

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