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For the love of worms


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By Mia Vissenjoux, G guest blogger

What do I love about worm farming? Everything! I love every tiny detail about it, from seeing my worms wriggling around when I open my worm café to watching my vegetables shoot up in front of my very eyes with the help of the worm tea! Having a worm café is so awesome! I’ve had so much fun taking care of my worms over the past five weeks!

To be honest I didn’t realise how easy it would be to have a worm café. But it really is easy – so easy I don’t even have to think about it. I feed my worms once a week and watch as the worm tea gushes out. I admit that I still stand there with my mouth hanging open at how much worm tea my worms manage to give me.

I’ve learnt that my worms prefer certain things when it comes to their food. They absolutely love egg shells and tea bags, but they seem to take longer to eat through vegetable peelings.

When it comes to issues that you can get when you have a worm café, I have to talk about vinegar flies. Vinegar flies are the annoying flies that sometimes join the worms in your worm café. The vinegar flies aren’t going to actually do any harm to your worms, but you may find that they aren’t as productive as they used to be. There are a few things that you can do to get rid of these flies.

If you notice vinegar flies it means that your worm café is too acidic, so just dust the top with some gardening lime and make sure you haven’t added too much food. If the vinegar flies don’t leave, try and sprinkle some Tumbleweed Worm Farm Conditioner into the worm farm every two or three weeks and always remember to put some wet newspaper or hessian on top of the food. The vinegar flies should disappear quickly!

My worm café is one of the best things I have at home and worms are really fun and easy pets to have – not to mention helpful! I hope you consider getting a worm café yourself. What do you have to lose really? My worm café has done nothing, but make my life even better!

Mia Vissenjoux is just 12 years old, and the Chair of Keep Australia Beautiful's The LITTLE Committee, a team of Australian kids under fifteen who are anti-litter experts, taking charge because research says that adults litter and kids don't.

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