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Where is Australia's tidiest town?

A tidy town

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As you know, there's nothing G likes more than a clean and tidy environment! This is why we quite enjoy Keep Australia Beautiful's Tidy Towns program, which recognises regional towns that take pride in keeping themselves tidy, and that have their hands in a range of social and environmental initiatives.

While Tidy Towns has been around for more than 40 years, to date it's been a tireless team of judges that have decided the winners. This year, however, a new People's Choice Award has been launched - meaning that everyone has the chance to nominate and vote for their favourite town.

If you haven't already, check out the website HERE, to register your vote, and to upload photos and comments about your favourite regional town. From Mudgee to Mount Morgan, Aberdeen to Anguruguru, Robe to Ravenshoe - who will it be?

Voting not only helps to recognise the efforts of Australian townships - with the winning town getting a cool $10,000 grant to go towards a community project - but also puts you in the running to win a GPS system. (Think of the transport miles that can be saved when you know exactly where you're going!)