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Green journalism

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Raising awareness and communicating the importance of climate change issues to the world at large is key to mobilising a shift towards green - and, it goes without saying, an issue quite close to the G team's heart!

This is why we're keen on the Earth Journalism Awards, which celebrate powerful and eye-opening environmental stories from journalists around the world.

Some amazing work from over 900 professional journalists and 450 citizen journalists and bloggers has been submitted to the Awards this year, from which 15 insightful works were chosen as winners in individual categories by a panel of judges.

Now, the power to decide the best story of all is in our hands, with voting open to decide the winner of the special Global Public Award.

Head to the finalists' page to check out and vote on the 15 works, which range from a hip hop song and video about pollution and recycling trash sung by a group of young Kenyans, to a journalist's first-person account of climate change in the Arctic, to a foreign-language video news report on climate change adaption and irrigation.

Be sure to read Australia's fantastic contribution to the competition - a feature on the often under-reported catastrophe that is ocean acidification, written by one of our friends from Cosmos magazine, John Pickrell.

Voting is open until December 9, and all winning pieces will be presented prizes in Copenhagen on the eve of the crucial climate talks (where the lucky chosen journalists will also get to cover the negotiations!).

So what are you waiting for? There's plenty of reading and watching to be done - the perfect excuse to procrastinate or, at the very least, a worthwhile way to spend your lunch break!