Thinking green, by Caitlin

Thoughts and ideas on environmental topics from Caitlin Howlett, editor of Green Lifestyle.

The joy of living sustainably


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Green lifestyles are easy and a heck of a lot of fun.

To me, it’s the best kind of living, because it makes you slow down and appreciate all the small things. In slowing down, we use less resources, create less waste, and sustainability becomes second nature.

Let me count some of the perks that I’ve found from living with a low impact.

One of my favourites is that you get to be a kid again. You always have an excuse to make a mess, get crafty, play with your food, learn awe-inspiring facts about nature, taste every first bite of a meal, get grubby fingernails, and get both grossed out and amused by worm farms.

I also love the quiet moments too, such as enjoying the fruits of your labour, literally, by opening a jar of your home-grown, homemade preserves in the dead of winter. It’s a bottle of memories, sunshine, and patience.

Being green is also healthy and beautiful. Riding a bike or walking keeps you fit. Eating local and organic food gives your body fresh, chemical-free nutrients. And good skincare means no toxins, so naturally radiant skin glows without the need for make-up.

I feel like I’m constantly rewarded. I enjoy giving thoughtful gifts – and often I’m lucky enough to receive considered gifts I really want back. Meaningful relationships are easily fostered.

Living ethically is satisfying because there’s constant mental stimulation to help you be the best person that you can be. Ultimately, your legacy will mean something to many people.

But I’m not the only one clued into all this. Town-planners are realising the importance of fostering small-scale sustainability initiatives, especially in creating pockets of green meeting spaces. With this increasing sense of local community, people can start to feel safer, and become socially connected.

Everyone has their own level of a light, medium, or dark green lifestyle. Each person has their own unique passion. We all fight for different issues and causes that are important to us – which is great and helps create change. Only when we’re all fighting for different issues, from various angles, in our own way, can we hope to tackle the important issues out there.

So next time anyone (including yourself!) says that living sustainably is too hard, too much of a hassle, or annoying, share some of your own tips on the joys of green living.