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Are you ready for the Zero Carbon Computer Challenge?

The Little Green Genie

The Little Green Genie is here to help us with our computer-related carbon emissions!

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The nifty Zero Carbon Computer Challenge (ZCCC) has been officially launched this week, and the G team encourages you to join us in getting on board!

The ZCCC is an environmental challenge encouraging people and businesses to take responsibility for the carbon footprint created through their computer use - which, let's be honest, is something we don't often think about when we're logged on, plugged in and typing away.

But with computers playing a big role in how a lot of us work and interact, both in our professional and personal lives, it's important to realise they now account for an estimated two to five per cent of global carbon emissions... and at the high end that's about the same as the worldwide airline industry!

Taking part in the ZCCC challenge involves spending just $20 for pre-purchasing carbon credits (which is done through Climate Friendly) and then downloading free software, called the Little Green Genie, that measures and the emissions your computer is responsible for and automatically reduces your credits accordingly - essentially making you a carbon neutral computer user.

The guys behind the initiative estimate it will cost about $10 a year to offset the emissions for users who spend two hours a day on their desktop or laptop.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in being a 'zero computer user'!

Find out more HERE.