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Got a moment? Get 100 kg of emissions offset...

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Get about 2,000 balloons-worth of CO2 offset, just by taking a quick online survey.

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Hey guys, got a spare moment?

If you find yourself with a few minutes over the weekend or in your lunch break (or hey, even if you're looking for a good excuse to procrastinate at work!), we've just caught wind of a survey by green marketing specialists GoGreen Marketing.

The 5 to 10-minute survey is for the 2009 Australian Green Marketing Trends report, which aims to look at the clarity of environment-related marketing and advertising claims and attitudes towards them - and in turn help shed light on green marketing for shoppers and businesses alike.

For every person that completes the survey the company will offset 100 kg of CO2 emissions, up to a total of 200,000 kg, through the Carbon Reduction Institute, so you'll be helping to do good in more ways than one.

Participate in the survey HERE, and stay tuned for the final report presenting the findings you helped create in August.