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Green power

Wind farms

Wind farms - a form of green power.

Credit: iStockphoto

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Where do I get it?

There are currently over a dozen electricity providers who offer GreenPower services, covering every state and territory in Australia. If you’re interested in getting GreenPower hooked up, then make sure the provider is certified by the National GreenPower Accreditation Steering Group. Some electricity providers will label a product ‘green’ because it comes from existing renewable sources, but only accredited GreenPower products have the capacity to replace coal by stimulating new investment.

Green Electricity Watch rates green power services.

GreenPower typically costs an additional $400 to $600 a year for the average-sized household, although prices vary with location and the amount of power your household consumes.

By switching energy providers for your home, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions from eight tonnes per year down to just one.

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